Theory Courses

MUT3322: Scoring for Band and Orchestra (undergraduate)
MUT6565: Late 19th & Twentieth-Century Styles (graduate)
MUT6576: Contemporary Styles (graduate)
MUT6636: Music Theory Seminar: Sonic Design (graduate)

Acoustic Composition Courses

MUC1211: Composition Skills 1 (undergraduate)
MUC1212: Composition Skills 2 (undergraduate) MUC2101: Composition Skills 3 (undergraduate)
MUC2102: Composition Skills 4 (undergraduate)
MUC6930: Graduate Composition (graduate)
MUC6932: Graduate Composition Seminar (graduate)
MUC7931: Adv. Graduate Composition (graduate)

Electroacoustic Music Courses

MUC4313/5315: Introduction to Electroacoustic Music (undergraduate/graduate)
MUC4401/6444: Composition of Electroacoustic Music (undergraduate/graduate)
MUC4441/6445: Electroacoustic Music Composition/Digital I (undergraduate/graduate)
MUC4442/6446: Electroacoustic Music Composition/Digital II (undergraduate/graduate)
MUC7447: Advanced Seminar in Electroacoustic Music (graduate)