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version 0.872

Tom Erbe

School of Music

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SoundHack 0.872

1996 Tom Erbe
25908 Tournament Road #276
Valencia, CA 91355


SoundHack is a soundfile processing program for the Macintosh. It performs many utility and esoteric sound processing functions available nowhere else. These functions make SoundHack invaluable to computer musicians, sound effects designers, multimedia artists, webmasters and anyone else who enjoys working with sound.

Utility Functions:

  • Play almost any type of soundfile (including AU, AIFF and WAVE).
  • Record any size soundfile from the Macintosh sound input.
  • Import soundfiles from audio CDs.
  • Convert between different types of soundfiles with optional gain scaling and sample rate conversion.
  • Change values in the soundfile header (sample rate, number of channels, loop points and marker info).
  • Read and write Sound Designer II, Audio IFC, Audio IFF, BICSF (IRCAM), DSP Designer, Microsoft WAVE (RIFF), NeXT .snd, Sun .au, TEXT and headerless (raw) soundfiles.
Sound Processing: The rest of this document is a small tutorial (in progress) then a menu by menu description of SoundHack. Please write me if you have any problems or suggestions!

Tom Erbe

soundhack doc top, table of contents

soundhack doc top, table of contents

SoundHack requires System 7.0 to operate, Sound Manager 3.0 to playback soundfiles and Quicktime 2.0 to import CD audio tracks. It comes in 3 flavors to accommodate different hardware platforms.

SoundHack NF runs on all Macintoshes, albeit very slowly. This is the only version that will work on 68LC040 based Macintoshes.

SoundHack FPU runs on 680x0 Macintoshes with hardware floating point. The following 3 CPU/FPU configurations will work: 68020+68881, 68030+68882 and 68040. It will also run on FPUless Macintoshes (except 68LC040 machines) with John Neil's excellent SoftwareFPU floating point emulator. SoftwareFPU is available on most Macintosh software archives or from John Neil & Associates (

SoundHack PPC runs on Power Macintoshes. It is available only to registered users.

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I consider SoundHack to be shareware/artware. If you use it and would like to become a registered user, send me either $30.00 or some music or art that you have created. My address is:

Tom Erbe
25908 Tournament Road #276
Valencia, CA 91355

As a registered user you are entitled to email help ( Furthermore, once you are registered, I will email you the Power Macintosh native binary and will email you updated versions as I finish them.

For those of you without internet access, SoundHack is also available from either of two distributors for $65:

Frog Peak Music
PO Box 1052
Lebanon, NH 03766

Interval Music
12335 Santa Monica Blvd. #244
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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The current shareware version of SoundHack (SoundHack, SoundHackNF and documentation) is available through anonymous ftp to (internet address: in directory /pub/SoundHack. For WWW people the URL is

The current version of this documentation is located at

There is a SoundHack mailing list. To join, send email to and include the text "subscribe SOUNDHACK Your Full Name" in the message body.

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